We Stand with All Our Neighbors

Calling all Spinners for a final time:
We at Three Spinners have some difficult news to share. Our board has made the very difficult decision to dissolve Three Spinners as an organization. With the transient nature of the lives of our board members, it has been difficult to sustain a consistent critical mass of people to run the organization and we believe the financial resources we currently have would best be put to use through other organizations serving the C-U community. We are all continuing to serve our respective communities in and outside of Illinois, but via different paths and will continue to do so after leaving Three Spinners.
The New American Welcome Center through the University Y has generously agreed to take over our Education for All Scholarship and I am confident they will steward the scholarship with the utmost care and with the best interest of C-U immigrant students in mind. This scholarship will continue to fund students’ education at Parkland College as promised and intended.
There is still an overwhelming need for advocacy work on behalf of immigrants and refugees, especially in the time of COVID, which has devastated many families and individuals. For those of you that have volunteered with Three Spinners in the past, we would love to see your efforts and activism flourish with organizations we have had the pleasure of working with over the past five years. Please reach out to The New American Welcome CenterImmigrant Services of Champaign Urbana (ISCU), Latino Partnership of Champaign County, or The Refugee Center (ECIRMAC) for volunteer opportunities.
Lastly, we want to offer a sincere and humble thank you for all of your support of Three Spinners over the years and for the work you do to make C-U a safe and welcoming place for those who need it most. It has been a privilege to meet, work, and connect with the incredible families and individuals that have made our towns, cities, states, and country stronger and more beautiful. May we continue to see the dignity in each person and to choose kindness over fear.
Thank you, Champaign-Urbana. 
With love and warmth,
Alex & the Three Spinner Board


Three Spinners is dedicated to welcoming refugees and immigrants to Champaign-Urbana with immediate support for basic needs.

Champaign-Urbana is a generous community with a long history of welcoming new faces and different cultures. We are helping struggling families move, get shelter, and meet their basic needs.

Right now, we have the opportunity to reaffirm these values by being more, not less, welcoming to people no matter where they come from or how they choose to worship. As part of the YMCA’s New American Welcome Centers effort to build a more inclusive and welcoming communities, we welcome all people without regard to nationality, religion, or legal status.

We commit to come together to solve problems, not make each other the problem. By recognizing the contributions that we all make, we make our neighbors feel more included and our community more welcoming to everyone who calls our community home.

We believe that ALL newcomers deserve to feel welcome in the IL community, no matter the circumstance. As a friend of Three Spinners, we know you do, too.