Board of Directors

Alexandra van Doren

President — [email protected]

Alexandra van Doren is a Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Literature with a focus on Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies. Motivated by the refugee crisis in Syria, she co-founded Three Spinners Inc. in 2016. Her career and scholarship revolve around human rights and she hopes to make a meaningful intervention in immigrant and refugee lives as an immigration lawyer after completing her Ph.D. next year.

Susan Bywaters

Development Director — [email protected]

Susan Bywaters is a classically trained singer and new opera librettist. After graduating with her MA in Theatre Studies, she joined Three Spinners to try and make the world a more welcoming place (if only a little bit of it). She hopes to someday use her voice and her art to tell stories that might catalyze change.

Kima Kheirolomoom

Treasurer — [email protected]

Tim King

Director — [email protected]

Tim King is web developer/graphic designer living in Urbana-Champaign. He is interested in how design can have more than a fleeting impact on people’s lives. He holds a BS in Digital Design from the University of Cincinnati.  He joined Three Spinners to help place refugees seeking a welcoming place in the US.  He likes cats, but likes turtles more. He also enjoys photography, baking, and science-fiction in any form.

Jordan McGuire

Director — [email protected]

Jordan McGuire recently moved to the Champaign-Urbana area after working with refugees from Iraq, Syria and Nepal for the last 4 years. She helped mobilize people to serve the refugee community and looks forward to working in this community as well. She loves good coffee and spending time learning about other cultures.