Call Your Representatives

Calling your federal, state, and local elected leaders takes less than a minute and is the most effective way to have your voice heard.

On March 6, 2017, President Trump signed the Executive Order Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States, suspending refugee resettlement for 120 days.

On July 16, resettlement will be conditionally resumed for individual countries. Refugees currently in the pipeline may have to wait years for another opportunity as required clearances from the medical and security screenings expire. Concurrently, suspension of funding may mean resettlement centers face layoffs or closure, leaving a weakened infrastructure once resettlement resumes.

Additionally, admissions for fiscal year 2017 will be capped at 50,000, less than 50% of the quota set by the Obama administration last fall.

Tell your representatives to oppose Trump’s inhumane and xenophobic order:

President Donald Trump
(202) 456-1111

Vice President Mike Pence
(202) 456-7000

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
(202) 225-3031

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
(202) 224-2541

Illinois 13th District Representative Rodney Davis
(202) 225-2371

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer
(202) 224-6542

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi
(202) 225-4965

Senator Richard Durbin
(202) 224-2152

Senator Tammy Duckworth
(202) 224-2854

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner
(312) 814-2121

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Tips for Calling

  1. Be respectful. You’ll be speaking to a staffer. They aren’t looking to challenge you and you should treat them with the same respect you expect from them.

  2. Give your name, city, and zip code, and say “I don’t need a response.” This way, they can quickly confirm you are a constituent, and that they can tally you down without taking the time to input you into a response database. Your tally will not be marked down unless you can rattle off a city and zip from the state, or are calling from an in-state area code.

  3. State the issue, state your position. Use the script below if you need help deciding what to say:

“Hi, my name is <Your Name>, I’m a constituent from <Your City and Zip Code>. I don’t need a response. I am opposed to restrictions on refugee resettlement outlined in Trump’s “Executive Order Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States.” I strongly encourage the <Senator/Representative> to denounce this order and do everything in <his/her> power to fight for the rights of refugees fleeing persecution. Turning away people in need does not reflect American values. Thanks for your time.”