Our Initiatives

In 2018, our goals are lofty:

  • To provide scholarships for international students from our local high schools to Parkland College. Our Education for All initiative will allow us to invest in students who may not otherwise be eligible for financial support with the opportunity to pursue a degree at Parkland College.
  • To offer both short- and long-term housing for refugee and immigrant families until they settle into their new lives in the community. The Housing for All initiative supports current housing costs and also aims to acquire a permanent home that will divert money used on rent to more sustainable investments in our future.
  • To continue providing emergency services for refugees and immigrants who are new to Champaign-Urbana. Our discretionary funds allow us to respond to last-minute needs for our friends and neighbors.

We believe that ALL newcomers deserve to feel welcome in the IL community, no matter the circumstance. As a friend of Three Spinners, we know you do, too.