Standing with GEO

February 26, 2018

Three Spinners stands in solidarity with the Graduate Employees’ Organization (GEO) in their fight to secure a fair contract for their members and protect their union. We strongly believe that everyone has the right to work with dignity and safety, and to be compensated fairly for their labor.

In the past, the GEO’s Solidarity Committee has been one of our strongest allies-donating to our back to school campaign, volunteering their time, co-sponsoring fundraising events, and sharing our initiatives with their community. Over the last 10 months the GEO has been in negotiations with UIUC’s administration to secure a contract for the 2,800 graduate employees represented by the union, who have now been working without any contract at all for more than 170 days. The GEO is asking for basic things like affordable healthcare, childcare, and a livable wage for the graduate students who teach classes and contribute to vital research on campus. The administration’s most recent proposal not only failed to meet any of the graduate employees’ basic requests, it also put previously protected tuition waivers in jeopardy, forcing the GEO to declare their intent to strike starting February 26.

Three Spinners is devoted to providing a safe, welcoming, and livable community to people of all backgrounds and nationalities. Many immigrants and refugees make their way to our community in search of the kind of safe working conditions, livable wages, and collective power that unions like the GEO have fought to secure, historically, with the support of the academic community. We urge the university administration to honor that history and provide a fair contract to its graduate employees, one that represents the ethical and intellectual values of the university and our community.

Labor Rights are Human Rights. Please join us in showing the university administration the power of our united front. Call the administration, voice your support for the GEO, or consider volunteering to provide childcare or meals.